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crew connect

Stay seamlessly connected with Crew Connect, ensuring you always have eyes on the engine, no matter where you are or when you need it. With our platform, reliability is at your fingertips, keeping you informed and in control, anytime, anywhere. Stay #CONNECTED.


The best measurement or control system is one that works perfectly every time!

With Hoppe's Crew Connect solutions, we enable you to view all relevant data from the connected systems on board, anytime, anywhere. This not only provides you with the best possible information, but also enables you to take the right measures at an early stage to keep your ship's systems in optimal condition.

And that saves money and relieves the crew!


anytime and anywhere

Crew Connect lets you access your systems with any web browser. Experience seamless connectivity on board with Crew Connect - the common user interface for all Hoppe web applications. With its intuitive and responsive design, it can be viewed on any device supporting a modern web browser, including tablets and smartphones, within the HOMIP2 network. Plus, as part of the Hoppe System Digitalization Package, Crew Connect grants you access to all field-level signals and supports remote updates of configurations, documents, and software.


Find all the required information about how to connect to Crew Connect in our detailed and comprehensive guide "QUICK GUIDE - HOW TO CONNECT". Check the downloads section below.

The four pillars

Hoppe’s System Digitalization Package is built on four pillars, including the Data Logging Module for recording operational data, events and notifications, the Ship to Shore Module for remote monitoring and support, the Crew Connect Web Module for easy access and visualization of operational data as well as the Service Module for painless maintenance and troubleshooting. Together, these four pillars provide a comprehensive digital solution for optimizing vessel performance and ensuring smooth operations on board.

Data Logging Module

Elevate your reporting and optimization capabilities 
  • The ultimate solution for data acquisition and high-frequency data logging
  • Advanced data pre-processing and post-processing algorithms
  • Permanent logging of alarms and events for in-depth insights into operational behavior, allowing to make informed decisions and take immediate action

Crew Connect Web Module

Stay connected to your systems from anywhere, at any time
  • Advanced visualization capabilities of the collected data as live view or history data trends
  • Deep insights for troubleshooting and analysis with a searchable events and notifications history
  • Cyber secure user management with different roles and permissions for individual configurations
  • Easy operation through the integrated Help Overlay to all functions, visualizations and settings

Service Module

Documentation, Spare Parts and Support
  • Secure and easy online access to all Hoppe system related documentation and spare part lists
  • Spare Parts and service requests for fast and reliable repair and stock planning
  • Raw Data Download of all HOMIP2 database entries with up to 400ms logging
  • Update tool for the installation of new web applications or applying general software updates
  • Service support by system health information

Ship to Shore Module

Experience unparalleled information readiness
  • Combine your Digitalization Upgrade with our Data Services Data Butler and Data Inspector
  • Precondition for remote service access and the Notification Engine
  • Remote updates of software and logging configuration
  • The ultimate solution for seamless information transfer

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