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Hoppe is a family owned group of companies with global presence and activities focused and dedicated to the maritime market. It‘s passion for Technology has been the company’s key of success in more than seven decades with the permanent motivation to deliver customer-oriented products and services.

Starting with the business idea to deliver precise instruments and measuring equipment for seagoing vessels (ship speed and power), Hoppe Bordmesstechnik was founded in 1949 by the German engineer Dipl.-Ing. Hans Hugo Karl Hoppe. The work life of Hans Hoppe was characterized by many technical inventions and patents for on-board measuring systems. After 35 years of successful work life Hans Hoppe passed away and his colleague Jürgen Haas took over the company and put things on the right track for the future of Hoppe. Four years later (1990) Helmut Rohde joined Hoppe as partner before finally taking over all shares of the company in 1997. The Hoppe era of the Rohde family business started.

Besides many years of organic growth the Rohde family established business in further maritime markets to follow the globalization of the shipbuilding business. In 1997 Hoppe Korea was established, followed by Hoppe China in 2010 and Hoppe Singapore in 2017.

In parallel, strategic investments were made with the acquisitions of Meramont Automatyka (Poland), MAIHAK Marine (Germany), FLUME® Stabilization (USA) and INTERING ship stabilization systems (Germany). Combined with many new inventions and patents Hoppe has established a leading position in several maritime business areas.

The passion for technology is still unbroken and all Hoppe products are fully designed in Germany by our skilled engineers. This means that Hoppe has the full technical control over its portfolio and remains dedicated to quality, accuracy and reliability. With this approach Hoppe has maintained a very good market reputation ever since.

Being a fully independent family-owned company Hoppe is well known in the market as a reliable long-term partner. Hoppe combines decades of engineering know-how, sustainable on-board experiences with the continuous development of new technologies and innovations. Based on the strategic product- and service-focus approach Hoppe is a key player also in the digitalization process of the marine industry.

  • 1949
    Hoppe Bordmesstechnik founded by engineer Hans Hoppe
  • 1990
    Helmut Rohde took over the management
  • 1994
    The first Hoppe Anti-Heeling System was developed and delivered
  • 1997
    Establishment of Hoppe Korea in Busan
  • 1998
    The Rohde family took over Hoppe completely
  • 2004
    Establishment of affiliate Meramont Automatyka in Poland
  • 2004
    The first Hoppe passive U-Tank Stabilization System was developed and delivered
  • 2007
    The first Hoppe Blower Anti-Heeling System was developed and delivered
  • 2007
    Introduction of Marc Rohde as Managing Director
  • 2009
    Acquisition of acoustic shaft power meter technology of Maihak
  • 2010
    Establishment of Hoppe China in Shanghai
  • 2010
    Acquisition of US company FLUME® Stabilization Systems
  • 2012
    Reorganization and merger of Hoppe, Maihak and FLUME® under Hoppe Marine
  • 2016
    Introduction of Lothar Beinke as Managing Director Sales & Engineering
  • 2017
    Acquisition of Intering (Rolls-Royce)
  • 2017
    Establishment of Hoppe Singapore
New cooperation between Accelleron and Hoppe Marine in data collection to improve ship performance and analysis
Maihak's proven Shaft Power Meter now also SHaPoLi ready!
New service partner agreement with ELCOME International LLC
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