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Hoppe on Sea Asia 2019

Published on: 
June 20, 2019

This event was held at the MBS (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) from 9th Apr till 11th Apr 2019.

HOPPE focus was on Floating Dock Control Systems, Anti-Heeling (AH) and Roll Damping (RD) systems for Heavy Lift vessels. In addition HOPPE’s latest development of Electronic Inclinometer and Hoppe’s inertial measurement system HOSIM for ship movement reporting, the sensor Toolbox HOSET for On board Sensor Diagnostics / Analysis and the hybrid cable HOCAB for Pneumatic valve control systems were also exhibited.

Inclinometer and HOSIM were the attention grabbers of the visitors at the exhibition. There were several visitors interested in AH & RD systems to ensure stability and safety of heavy lift crane operations. HOPPE sensor reliability and cost effectiveness also received much attention of the visitors at the exhibition.

The message that HOPPE Singapore is not only a sales office but also a service center with competent service engineers and spares inventory was also re-enforced at the exhibition. It was a positive event to further create visual awareness of the HOPPE brand and local presence. Visitors were able to revisit the products and service offerings of HOPPE and got the latest updates.