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Crew performed remote sensor installation for Diamond Bulk Carriers and Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd. during COVID-19

Published on: 
May 27, 2021

Supported by Hoppe Marine, to enable them to access Nautilus Labs' platform for fleet optimisation via Hoppe's ship-to-shore data link Data Butler!

(New York, USA / Hamburg, Germany / Singapore / Tokyo, Japan – MAY 19, 2021) Diamond Bulk Carriers Pte. Ltd. and Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd commenced a partnership with Nautilus Labs and Hoppe Marine GmbH with the goal of maximizing vessel and voyage profits while reducing their carbon footprint.

Diamond Bulk Carriers selected Nautilus, the technology firm advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence, as their partner for fleet performance optimization. The vessel operator sought to unlock access to vessel high frequency sensor data to feed into Nautilus’s decision support software. Hoppe Marine, a Nautilus Labs preferred partner, was enlisted for instrumentation, installation services, and signal aggregation for the vessel owned by Mitsubishi Ore Transport. Due to pandemic-related travel and port restrictions, the marine service provider guided Mitsubishi Ore Transport’s crew through a remote crew-led installation, allowing them to access a stream of high frequency sensor data used to inform Nautilus’s optimal operating recommendations powered by vessel-specific machine-learning based models.

Diamond Bulk Carriers, Mitsubishi Ore Transport, and Nautilus collaborated with Hoppe Marine as their partner for instrumentation and hardware installations. Hoppe transmits the vessel’s data back to shore as part of the “Data Butler” program, with which Nautilus, as an interoperable solution, integrates via an API, to access the vessel’s sensor data. The sensor installation was planned to be conducted by Hoppe’s technical team. Due to COVID-19 and ongoing travel restrictions, the marine service team was not able to attend the vessel in-person. Diamond Bulk Carriers, Mitsubishi Ore Transport, Nautilus, and Hoppe agreed on a remote installation, conducted by the crew, and successfully enabled through detailed communication between all stakeholders.

Shusuke Miyazaki, General Manager at Diamond Bulk Carriers, comments on the partnership: “Having a crew install sensors was the first time in our and Mitsubishi Ore Transport’s history. We’re excited to collect and receive our vessel’s data to optimize our vessel operations. Nautilus’s interoperability and the ability to integrate with any third party provider or OEM made the deployment into Hoppe’s Data Butler easy and seamless, allowing our teams to access a single source of truth, fostering cross-departmental collaboration. Deploying Nautilus Platform is an important step for our business in achieving meaningful savings and reduced emissions.”

“We’re proud of our crew, installing the sensors in addition to their daily schedule. We’ve experienced a great partnership with Diamond Bulk Carriers, Nautilus, and Hoppe based on detailed and transparent communication. By using Nautilus Platform, we empower all stakeholders to access the same information to drive collaboration, transparency, and accountability while promoting greater sustainability,” adds Fumiyuki Yasuda, Marine Management Group Technical Team Leader at Mitsubishi Ore Transport.

“Especially during these unprecedented times, we’ve seen that data and the insights it brings are key to success,” says Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs. “By being an interoperable software and working with our partners to create creative solutions to overcome obstacles, such as travel restrictions when installing sensors, we enable ship owners and operators to access a predictive decision support tool that combines all different data sources and unifies all stakeholders. The crew-led install by Mitsubishi Ore Transport is a great example. We’re looking forward to working on meaningful voyage profit uplifts and increased sustainability with Diamond Bulk Carriers.”

“We’re proud to partner with Diamond Bulk Carriers, Mitsubishi Ore Transport and Nautilus. We’re constantly looking for new ways to empower ship owners and operators collecting and transmitting data from ship to shore to work with companies like Nautilus to optimize vessel performance. Our Data Butler includes daily data checks, fleet data quality reports and troubleshooting measures and, thus, provides the data basis for optimized fleet planning and vessel operation,” adds Hauke Henricks, Head of Sales at Hoppe Marine GmbH.


Carrying the heritage of more than 60 years within the Shipping industry, Diamond Bulk Carriers is renowned for its global dry bulk chartering and trading operations. Its portfolio includes cargo owners from its related companies and numerous Multinational Companies. This company has been incorporated in the Republic of Singapore since 2012, and is now expanding its operations into the region.


While paying attention to the global economy and current market trends, Mitsubishi Ore Transport purposefully and strategically builds ships with safe navigation capabilities and exceptional loading features and maintains and upgrades its vessels using its consolidated technology based on many years of experience in the industry. By offering a reliable and competitive fleet management along with high quality ships, we are continuing to raise our reputation from Customers as well as Charterers. The fleet includes Capesize Bulk Carriers, Pure Car Carriers, Wood Chip Carriers and others, while maintaining focus on Panamax bulk carriers. We are actively engaged in transporting automobiles to America and Europe and in providing transport for coal, iron ore, wood chips, grains and other products from regions bearing resources to countries with demand.


Nautilus Labs is advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence. With hubs in New York and Singapore, the firm is trusted by clients across the globe to help make better, real-time decisions that ultimately unlock transformative outcomes—at sea and on shore. By partnering with Nautilus, ocean shipping leaders can maximize returns for every vessel and voyage while driving cross-team collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability for their companies, shareholders, and the planet we all share. (To learn more about Nautilus or request a demo of the software application, Nautilus Platform, visit us at