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Maihak's proven Shaft Power Meter now also SHaPoLi ready!

Published on: 
May 3, 2022

Hoppe now offers a precise and cost-effective solution based on the proven Maihak-Shaft Power Meter to meet IMO Resolution MEPC 335(767)

In order to achieve the target of reducing greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, the IMO has created the "Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index" (EEXI), which will be valid from 2023. This index shows the various emission-limiting measures that are planned for ships of 400 GT and above. For example, the IMO has provided two methods for limiting engine power:

  • Engine Power Limitation (EPL)
  • Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi)

Hoppe's Shaft Power Limitation solution has many advantages for the operator of a vessel compared to EPL:

  • The full engine power can still be used without restriction, which represents a substantial safety gain in dicey situations.
  • In addition to power measurement, our system also offers automatic event logging and the basis for shore-based data analysis.
  • The MAIHAK-SHaPoLi is significantly more cost-effective than conventional engine power limitation solutions.
  • All relevant MAIHAK-SHaPoLi components are type approved