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MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring is setting new standards in on board performance data logging

Published on: 
June 12, 2014

To monitor consistent ship performance KPIs or to prove the impact of optimization measures like trimming or new bow or propeller shapes appears often like searching for a pin in a hay stack, since aggregated errors from the data recording as well as the lack of possibility to record and analyze the impact of all involved parameters may lead to standard deviations larger than the expected optimization impact. This is why Hoppe Marine is developing and testing a comprehensive data logging and analysis system under real sailing conditions around it’s quality measuring systems MAIHAK Shaft Power Meter, Hoppe Tank Content Systems and Mass Flow Meters, Hoppe HOSIM Dynamic Floating and Inertial Ship Motion Measuring System and TRIMCON Dynamic Trim Measurement.

Core of the System is an onboard data logging system with intelligent algorithms to pre-process continuous input from Hoppe’s and external measuring devices, which can also deliver data to overarching shore transmission and fleet management systems (e.g. Interschalt BLUE TRACKER). Since September 2011 first elements of the MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring Systems in different versions and depth are successfully in on board operation (including top operators like Bernhard Schulte and HAPAG Lloyd). In spring 2014 another large operator has decided after a trial period to install a first MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring System level on dozens of his fleet’s vessels, in combination with BLUE TRACKER.

Hoppe’s MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring System provides the key function of logging, managing and understanding data on board, without which every fleet management program would still search the pin in the hay stack.