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Hoppe Marine acquires S-two business

Published on: 
December 20, 2022

Hoppe Marine is expanding its expertise in complex and highly integrated valve remote control systems with the acquisition of the S-two business operations. To date, Hoppe Marine has equipped more than 1700 seagoing vessels with valve control systems in various forms (pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electric).

S-Two is an experienced specialist company of complex valve control systems and supports the strategy of Hoppe Marine to expend its leading role within this field.

"The integration of S-Two's 'Poseidon Smart Ship PowerBus' system takes our Advanced Floating Control solutions to a new level. Mainly specialized offshore construction vessels, roro ferries or floating docks will benefit in the future" says Marc Rohde, Managing Director of Hoppe Marine.

“I am very happy that our ideas and products from S-Two are in very good hands at Hoppe Marine and will be continued in the future!” Hans Wehmeier, S-Two's previous managing director, adds.

Smart Ship PowerBus is a double-redundant serial ring bus that connects valves and sensors in a point-to-point configuration. This technology reduces the amount of cabling required by the shipyard many times over. Standard cables available worldwide can be used for both data and power transmission.