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FLUME® Product Video

Published on: 
February 2, 2014

The FLUME® Product Video demonstrates to what extend a FLUME® Stabilization System can contribute to reduce roll motions of sea going vessels.

FLUME® Stabilization Systems are installed on many different types of vessels e.g. Offshore Vessels, RO-RO Ferries, Naval Vessels and Containerships. A FLUME® Stabilization System is a passive free surface open channel type roll damping tank. It is partially filled with water and extends across the full beam of a ship. The tank is designed to create a stabilizing moment which counteracts the wave moment causing the ship's roll motions. It has the unique ability to adapt to changes in load and operation condition. By a change in the liquid level, the natural response period of the tank is adjusted to correspond to the roll period of the ship.

The FLUME® Product Video compares the impact of sea motions on a ship without a stabilization system and a ship with a FLUME® installation.

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