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Current information about COVID-19 / Coronavirus impact

Published on: 
February 2, 2020

Dear Customers and Partners,

the Coronavirus and the measures to limit the spread of the disease affects many parts of the economic and social activities in most countries of the world. It is still too early to assess all possible effects on the supply chains - in particular because the outbreak and the taken measures differ country specific in time and scope.

Hoppe is closely following developments related to the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) and supports measures of the authorities. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of our employees and suppliers and to minimize the impact of the virus on our customers.

Due to legal rules and disorders along the supply chain, there is a possibility that service deployments or deliveries cannot be fulfilled.

Please take notice of the following information:

Service deployment / Installation

  • Entry requirements and legal regulations allows us only to carry out services in countries and areas that are not classified as risk areas and allow entries
  • Inquiries for services will be individually evaluate by legal and risk aspects.
  • We hope for your understanding, that some services must be relocated or postponed until the risk situation has changed.

Deliveries of goods

  • Some suppliers and logistic companies have problems to deliver planned products or materials in time.
  • At the moment, we assume that most of planned deliveries can be fulfilled.
  • In case a delivery is delayed, we will inform immediately.

Internal measures

  • National and international visits are minimized and individual evaluated by risk aspects.
  • Our employees are informed and prepared to minimize risks and to act accordingly.
  • Emergency plans has been developed and are updated if changes occur, e.g.
  • As far as possible employees work remote in the home office, in different shifts or in split teams.
  • Some processes are digitalized or modified to optimize remote work.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards
Hoppe Marine GmbH

For deeper and background information about the Coronavirus we recommend the following websites:
World Health Organization (WHO):
Robert Koch Institut: