Motion Control Systems

Hoppe Marine provides a wide range of solutions for cargo and cruise shipping and offshore operations. Hoppe Marine’s Systems measure ship motions, conning, dynamic trim and inclination, floating condition and hull deformation. They keep ships upright during and support quick and safe loading operations in port and offshore. They reduce roll amplitudes even in slow steaming conditions and suppress parametric rolling. Hoppe Marine is a world leading supplier of passive roll damping tanks to the marine industry.

All this is based on long standing experience with ballast system controls, pumps and actuators, damping tanks, on the leading edge development of an own marine motion reference system using electronic gyro (MEMS) technology (HOSIM) and other precise sensors (incl. GPS), embedded in sophisticated software solutions. In our custom engineering concept experienced Naval Architects develop and design practical solutions suitable for all types of vessels.

Solutions and Products:

  • Anti Heeling Systems (pump driven)
  • Blower Anti-Heeling Systems (options: combination with roll damping, ice heeling)
  • Stability Test
  • FLUME roll damping system U-Tank roll damping system
  • Dynamic Floating Monitoring
  • GPS based precision conning and dynamic trim measurement