Power Meters and Performance Systems

Saving fuel and reducing emissions has become the key to a competitive advantage in shipping. Hoppe marine offers a full range of tools to monitor and optimize ship efficiency:

A Shaft Power Meter helps the crew to avoid heavy load conditions, delivers a signal for automation (e.g. lube oil dosing) and allows for an approximate manual optimization.

A Performance Meter calculates key indicators based on measured power, fuel consumption and ship speed for better manual optimization.

A Performance System with engine and nautical data logging and analysis helps to evaluate measures and to continuously improve efficiency. An optional Energy Efficiency Module facilitates IMO compliant reporting for SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan)

A Performance Optimization System incorporates also trend analysis and self learning features, supporting continued optimization, e.g. trim and speed heading to weather. An optional Dynamic Floating Module provides accurate motion and dynamic trim measurement. Further options are the integration of Hoppe's Draft- and Tank Containment Sensors, Hoppe's Bunker Management System and Ballast Water Management System.