Maihak Performance Optimization System

This system goes a step beyond performance monitoring. It's comprehensive data logging features and analysis software can be tailored to every clients needs and provides a powerful tool to optimize many aspects around performance, fuel consumption and ecological footprint. It gives clear advice to the crew for optimization of trim, speed, wave encounter angle (heading), either based on available model test results or CFD computations or on operational measurements (trend and self learning features). Furthermore, the fleet management office can survey and compare performance data, ideally made transparent by the Energy Efficiency and Dynamic Floating Modules' results. Thus trends can be much better identified and "clouds" of measured data points can become better understandable. The system supports also all kind of reporting needs for IMO duties (SEEMP/EEOI) and for the fleet management. Further options are the integration of Hoppe's Draft- and Tank Containment Sensors, Hoppe's Bunker Management System and Ballast Water Management System.