Ballast Management

System Overview

Handling of ballast water, especially ballast treatment, based on IMO requirements has signifi cant impact on the effi ciency of the vessel’s operation.

The Hoppe Ballast Management System is a sophisticated and user friendly software solution supporting all ballast water operations. The vessel’s loading case, stability information, hull stress and floating criteria, e.g. optimum trim can be considered to determine improved ballast operations.

As a result ballast operations are proposed and supported by simulation routines which consider the vessel’s stability criteria during the ballast process. The system provides ballast operation job lists which can be forwarded to Hoppe’s Valve Remote Control System for automatic or manual source target control.

Ballast operation reports using data from pumps, valves, tank contents, treatment unit and GPS coordinates round up the scope of supply.

Key Features

  • Ballast water optimization proposals to improve displacement, fl oating condition and treatment procedures
  • Simulation of ballast operations under consideration of vessel stability criteria
  • Efficient execution of ballast operations by source target control
  • Detailed reporting of ballast treatment operations (IMO report)