Tank Content Measuring

System Overview

The system continuously monitors the contents and temperatures of ballast, cargo, fuel oil, and other liquid tanks. Additionally the vessel’s draught can be measured precisely by using Hoppe’s Draught Measuring System.

The state of the art PLC unit HOMIP acts as the signal hub between all process components and control workstations or other centralized ship management systems with serial Ethernet or RS 485 interfaces. The integrated 6” touch screen display offers a clearly structured and easy interface for system confi guration, parameter settings, and full back-up operation. The system setup is especially designed for decentralized installations. As a result of Hoppe’s vertical responsibility approach, the tank content data does not need to be subjected to any further processing.

All components are engineered and produced in-house. This allows on-going research and development activities for product improvements and system optimization, the fundamental base for our reliable, fl exible, and tailor-made products. Hoppe systems are perfectly suited to all kinds of marine applications.

Key Features

  • Full responsibility for the tank content data
  • In-house design & engineering of all major components
  • Saves installation costs using intelligent decentralized design or Bus-type sensors
  • Reliable and easy-to-handle sensors
  • Possibility of measuring range adjustment
  • Type approved control and measuring system