Dynamic Floating Monitoring

The Dynamic floating Measuring System (DFMS) has been developed as a real time continuous monitoring for vessel motions, floating condition and hull deflection in port during manoeuvring and at sea, which works in any weather and sea condition. An outstanding feature of the DFMS is Hoppe's gyro based inertial measuring device HOSIM with a high resolution and precise determination of trim and heeling angle as well as related accelerations at all sea states. A comprehensive data base memorizes all values for later analysis and user defined reports. The system includes various serial connections and digital interfaces for bidirectional data transfer for all kind of monitoring systems, loading computer, nautical devices and others. Remote access communication and data transfer are intergral parts of the system.

The DFMS provides the following indicators and features:

Draft, Trim and List Three axis linear acceleration
Squat / bottom Clearance Comfort Level
Roll and Pitch Angle Hull Deflection
Roll and Pitch Period Stability Monitoring
2 Axis Angular Velocity Inclining Test Function
2 Axis Angular Acceleration Optimum Trim Assistance