The Anti Heeling System enables safe and continuous loading or unloading operations for e.g. container vessel, RoRo carrier, ferries, project carriers, heavy lift and offshore construction vessels in much reduced time. The heeling compensation is automatically achieved by transferring ballast water between the heeling tanks, controlled by Hoppe’s microcomputer HOMIP, based on continuous measurement of the heeling angle.

The type approved system can operate with reversible or non-reversible pumps in 3 different sizes and is using Hoppe’s Remote Controlled Valves to enable ballast water flow.

The complete system includes:

  • Anti-Heeling Control Panel
  • Pump Starter Panel
  • Heeling Pump
  • Heeling Valves (hydraulic or pneumatic actuators)
  • Valve Remote Control
  • Level Transmitters and Switches
  • Inclinometer
  • HOMIP microcomputer

Key Features / Benefit Summary:

Easy to operate, clear visualisation

Free programmable, easy changes to meet different requirements

Manual mode to realize special operations, e.g. pre-heeling for lifting heavy items

Allows safer, more rapid loading and unloading, shortens harbour time

Reduces damage to ramps, rolling cargo, cell guides and containers

Operational Stability Test:

Connected to Hoppe’s Stability Test System (Loading Computer) the Anti-Heeling System can be used to carry out an operation inclining test to verify the actual stability..

Heavy Lift Load Compensation:

In a more complex version the Anti-Heeling System uses 4 Anti-heeling tanks with powerful pumps and measures heeling and trim angles, e.g. by Hoppe’s precision motion measuring system HOSIM, to keep the vessel in a pre-defined upright floating condition, while the onboard crane lifts heavy items.