Roll Damping

Roll damping systems have been developed to reduce excessive motions during the operation of ships at sea. Passive anti-roll tanks use a hydrodynamically controlled flow of liquid within a specially designed tank to create a stabilizing moment opposing the wave moment causing the ship to roll. By a careful selection of the right tank configuration (including proper size, shape, location, liquid level and amount of internal damping) a tank can be made to have the same resonant roll period of the ship, and the fluid flow within the stabilizer will lag naturally behind the resonant movement of the ship by 90 degrees. This means that when the ship is near resonance, the movement of the liquid in the tank will create a stabilizing force directly opposing the forces created by the passing wave (see figure).

Hoppe Marine is a world leading supplier of passive roll damping tanks to the marine industry. We offer two basic kinds of passive free surface type roll damping tanks which have been proven to be effective for more then 60 years:

  • controlled passive U-Tanks (FRAHM type)
  • FLUME® passive open channel type

With over 2,200 installations worldwide, we are among the most experienced companies in the design and supply of passive roll stabilization systems. Our products can be found on board of all types of vessels across the globe, both commercial and military (see figure).

Our Custom Engineering Concept

  • Experienced Naval Architects derive practical solutions suitable for all types of vessels
  • Each individual stabilizer is tested with a scaled model at our facilities
  • Extensive inhouse seakeeping analysis of the vessels roll behaviour without and with the stabilizer are undertaken
  • We supply sophisticated monitoring & control systems ensuring a maximum stabilizer performance and safety