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Hoppe Marine GmbH takes over Rolls-Royce’s Intering Business

Hamburg, 08.05.2017


After careful consideration Rolls-Royce Marine Deutschland GmbH has sold its Intering business to Hoppe Marine GmbH, Hamburg. The trade and asset sale is part of Rolls-Royce’s ongoing commitment to concentrate on areas of its core business.  The transfer becomes effective on 8 May 2017. From then on Hoppe Marine takes over new building projects as well as related service and spares activities on a successive basis.


The sale includes U-Tank- Systems for roll damping, Blower Anti-Heeling Systems on seagoing ships, as stand-alone or combined solution, and furthermore pump-based Anti-Heeling Systems, also providing an automatized in-service-inclining-test option. With this acquisition, Hoppe Marine now offers the world’s broadest expertise in tailormade, optimized solutions for anti-heeling and passive roll damping systems, under the well established brands Intering, Flume and Hoppe.


Marc Rohde, Managing Director and shareholder of Hoppe Marine GmbH, states: “We are delighted to announce the agreement with Rolls Royce. With the acquisition of Intering, Hoppe Marine can further consolidate and expand its leading-edge competence on the field of anti-heeling and passive roll damping solutions (Motion Control), a sector which is of key importance for safe and efficient cargo and passenger shipping, but also for navy and coast guard ships as well as for safe working conditions on offshore vessels. The broad experience portfolio, which Hoppe Marine has accumulated from thousands of successful Hoppe and Flume systems, will now be ideally complemented by the Intering line.”


Janne Silden from Rolls-Royce Marine Deutschland adds “We are convinced that our former Intering customers will be in good hands at Hoppe Marine, and we will continue to focus on our core products and capabilities. We wish Hoppe Marine well for the future.”



Hoppe Marine GmbH is a family owned leading supplier of marine systems with main seat in Hamburg / Germany. Hoppe Marine offers innovative and reliable products and system solutions for ships and other maritime applications in the competence areas  “Fluid Management”, ”Motion Control” and ”Ship Performance”. During the past years approximately every eight new built seagoing vessel is sailing with Hoppe products on board. Hoppe Marine maintains a world wide service network. Hoppe employs world wide about 150 well qualified staff, in the Hamburg headquarter as well as in its own affiliates in Korea, Chinas and Poland.


Contact: Contact: Stefan Winkler
Team Manager Motion Control
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 561949 0


Rolls-Royce has a world-leading range of capabilities in the marine market, encompassing vessel design, the integration of complex systems and the supply and support of power and propulsion equipment. We are leaders in mission-critical systems for offshore oil and gas rigs, offshore, merchant and naval vessels.

Today the Rolls-Royce marine product range is one of the broadest in the world. 70 of the world’s maritime forces and over 30,000 commercial vessels use our equipment. Our global support network underpins all activities and continues to expand with 50 centres in 28 countries with more planned.


Contact:Craig Taylor                                         Anette Bonnevie Wollebæk
Head of Communications                                  Communications Manager – Nordic Region

Tel +44 (0)1332 632 612                                   Tel +47 815 20 070                 



Hoppe supplied marine systems for every tenth vessel new built 2013 world wide

Hoppe Marine with headquarters in Hamburg and affiliates in Busan (Hoppe Korea) and Shanghai (Hoppe China) supplied almost every tenth new vessel > 1.000 GT built in 2013 worldwide with it’s quality marine systems. The largest share is with Fluid Management Systems, predominantly Valve Remote Control and Tank Content Measuring, closely followed by Motion Control Systems such as Anti-Heeling- and passive Roll Damping-Systems.

Many of the orders were for Container Vessels (among them also Ultra Large CV) and Offshore Vessels, but Hoppe contracted also for RoRo- and Passenger Vessels, Bulk carriers and Tankers. Additionally to the supply for newbuildings Hoppe Marine has retrofitted several vessels in 2013 with MAIHAK Shaft Power Meters and Performance Monitoring Systems as well as with FLUME Anti-Rolling Tanks.

MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring is setting new standards in on board performance data logging

To monitor consistent ship performance KPIs or to prove the impact of optimization measures like trimming or new bow or propeller shapes appears often like searching for a pin in a hay stack, since aggregated errors from the data recording as well as the lack of possibility to record and analyze the impact of all involved parameters may lead to standard deviations larger than the expected optimization impact. This is why Hoppe Marine is developing and testing a comprehensive data logging and analysis system under real sailing conditions around it’s quality measuring systems MAIHAK Shaft Power Meter, Hoppe Tank Content Systems and Mass Flow Meters, Hoppe HOSIM Dynamic Floating and Inertial Ship Motion Measuring System and TRIMCON Dynamic Trim Measurement.

Core of the System is an onboard data logging system with intelligent algorithms to pre-process continuous input from Hoppe’s and external measuring devices, which can also deliver data to overarching shore transmission and fleet management systems (e.g. Interschalt BLUE TRACKER). Since September 2011 first elements of the MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring Systems in different versions and depth are successfully in on board operation (including top operators like Bernhard Schulte and HAPAG Lloyd). In spring 2014 another large operator has decided after a trial period to install a first MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring System level on dozens of his fleet’s vessels, in combination with BLUE TRACKER.

Hoppe’s MAIHAK Ship Performance Monitoring System provides the key function of logging, managing and understanding data on board, without which every fleet management program would still search the pin in the hay stack.

FLUME Roll Damping Systems kept Container Vessels upright in stormy Bay of Biscay

Hoppe Marine has gained valuable feedback from some Container Vessels equipped with the FLUME® Stabilization System during their passage through the Bay of Biscay in heavy winter storms early 2014.

On a 8700 TEU- Vessel the data Logging equipment installed with the FLUME® tank recorded 5-6 degree significant roll angles with maximum peaks up to 10 degrees during the worst hours, while a vessel of similar size and load condition without FLUME tank, which followed some miles back on same course reported mean values of estimated 15-20 degrees.

This was impressive evidence how FLUME® passive roll damping Systems can contribute to a safer passage for crew and cargo.

FLUME Product Video

Video: Flume Stabilization System

The FLUME Product Video demonstrates to what extend a FLUME Stabilazation System can contribute to reduce roll motions of sea going vessels.

FLUME Stabilization Systems are installed on many different types of vessels e.g. Offshore Vessels, RO-RO Ferries, Naval Vessels and Containerships. A FLUME Stabilization System is a passive free surface open channel type roll damping tank. It is partially filled with water and extends across the full beam of a ship. The tank is designed to create a stabilazing moment which counteracts the wave moment causing the ship's roll motions. It has the unique abillity to adapt to changes in load and operation condition. By a change in the liquid level, the natural response period of the tank is adjusted to correspond to the roll period of the ship.

The FLUME Product Video compares the impact of sea motions on a ship without a stabilization system and a ship with a FLUME installation.

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