Sensor Toolbox HOSET

Sensor Toolbox HOSET
Sensor Toolbox HOSET

System Overview

To give the crew on board the possibility to get good data from the tank gauging system at any time, Hoppe Marine has developed the first aid kit for sensors HOSET.

Hoppe Sensor Toolbox HOSET supports maintenance, servicing, calibration and instant sensor replacement of Hoppe pressure sensors type HCG 2011/MO4. It helps to keep the Tank Content Measurement system in proper operation at all time. The design ensures easy handling and operation.

HOSET includes a software and HART-modem (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer), which allow an automized parameterization of the standard spare sensors as well as sensor zero point calibration.

The software includes all tank data to ensure failure free parameterization of sensors. After parameterization tank and sensor data shall be send to Hoppe head office to ensure comprehensive lifetime data analysis.

  • Adhoc replacement of defective sensors on board
  • Cost reduction by preventing dead stock on board
  • Avoidance of unnecessary spare part orders
  • Reduced service costs by self troubleshooting on board
  • Calibration of pressure sensors zero point
  • Sensor monitoring and lifetime analysis
  • Designed for easy handling and operation

Sensor Toolbox HOSET

  • Test unit with display for calibration and HART modem connection
  • Pump station for sensor test and calibration
  • Tools for process adapter replacement
  • Standard spare pressure sensors type HCG 2011/MO4
  • Separate process adapters
  • Safe storage box IP 65

Software for automized parametrization and zero point adjustment