Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

System Overview

‘’A house can only be as good as the foundation, it is built on’’. In a digital world, more than ever the saying “Garbage in, Garbage out” has proven to be true. Important decisions are made on the basis of numbers provided by performance monitoring systems. Merely connecting existing systems and sensors will not result in precise figures, and thus wellfounded decisions. A proper and permanent assessment is therefore essential. Hoppe Marine’s Performance Monitoring System combines highly sophisticated measurement equipment with the experience of interfacing third party systems on board of vessels for more than 60 years. Our Performance Monitoring systems are already monitoring their own health to create the rocksolid foundation for all your decision support processes and tools. In collaboration with our data quality service you can ensure correct decision making. It is a unique approach to enable shipping companies to bring their own visualization, BI or analytics tool.

  • Several hundred retrofits
  • High quality sensors
  • Class approved PLC unit
  • High performance SQL database
  • Interfacing experience with more than 100 different makers
  • Data quality service to ensure high availability of reliable information

The heart of every Hoppe Performance Monitoring system is our class approved PLC unit HOMIP. It is a state-of-the-art PLC including sufficient processing power, supports all common interfaces (analogue, digital, serial, Ethernet) and a 6” operational display. A SQL database server is processing all signals. The HOMIP ensures proper data handling and is tailorable to fit every demand. The Maihak Shaft Power Meter, along with our Fuel Consumption Measurement, Dynamic Draught and various 3rd party interfaces, will provide the engine signal data set. The combination of the engine signal data set with navigation information like GPS, Speed Log, Wind etc. creates a reliable foundation for performance monitoring. It is a rock solid foundation for all our client decisions.