System Overview

Based on decades of experiences with our MAIHAK Shaft Power Meter, installed on more than 1,400 vessels worldwide, we recently developed our new MAIHAK SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation. The MAIHAK SHaPoLi is a high-precision and cost-effective measuring and monitoring solution that has many advantages compared to other power limitation systems, e.g. engine power limitation (EPL).

In accordance with the latest EEXI Implementation Guidelines, published by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in Rec. No. 172 which i.a. refers to the MEPC.335(76), our MAIHAK SHaPoLi offers a control that is independent from the engine automation.

The system constantly monitors and displays the actual shaft power. Any override of power limitation is visually and acoustically indicated on the bridge in form of an alarm, forcing the ship's master or officer in charge of navigational watch (OICNW) to manually reduce the power to reach the limits again. However, if unlimited power is necessary and justified, the event is logged in a safe format. This data can also be used as a basis for our Hoppe Data Services.

  • Easy to install at portstay (no docking necessary)
  • Stand-alone system that is independant of any engine automation
  • All time direct access to full engine power
  • No limitation on full throttle to aft
  • Limitation to actual propulsion power and not engine power
  • Prefilled Onboard Management Manual (OMM) will be provided
  • List of necessary OMM entries can be shown on PLC display
  • Existing ships network can be used for system interconnection
  • Optional ship to shore data transmission (Data Butler / Data Inspector)
  • All components are type approved
  • Shaft power measurement
  • Bridge display
  • High frequent Data Logging and Automatic event logging
  • Monitoring of remaining power
  • Web visualization with basic system data
  • Customizable pre-alarm before limit exceedance
  • Audible and visual alarm on limit exceedance
  • Limit override by passcode
  • Manipulation prevention and detection
  • Heartbeat and test mode for easy system check