Maihak SHaPoLi

Maihak SHaPoLi
Maihak SHaPoLi

System Overview

Based on our accurate Shaft Power Meter installed on more than 1400 vessels, we have developed an EEXI- and IMO Resolution MEPC 335(767) compliant upgrade for Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi). This cost-effective solution has many advantages over other engine power limitation systems (EPL) and can be used as a basis for further data services

  • Easy and fast to install
  • Investment costs expected to be lower than for most EPL solutions
  • All time direct access to full engine power
  • All components are type approved
  • Stand alone system without any connection to the engine remote control
  • No limitation/alert on full throttle to aft
  • Limitation/Alarming according to actual power supplied to the propeller(s) instead of just engine power
  • Automatic event logging and reporting for the OMM
  • Additional performance measurements
  • Optional ship to shore data transmission (Data Butler / Data Inspector)
  • Shaft Power Measurement
  • Shaft Power Limitation by Alarming on the bridge
  • Limit Exceedance Pre-Alarming
  • Limit Exceeded Alarm by PLC and external Alarm
  • Limit override by Passcode
  • Automatic Event Logging
  • Manipulation Prevention and Detection