Fleet Data Quality

Fleet Data Quality
Fleet Data Quality

System Overview

Validation of a large number of the ship’s operational and nautical measurement data onshore – this is the key demand of today’s maritime data acquisition.

The major challenge for vessel owners and operators to verify and validate the large amount of data after receiving them on shore still increases. Unclean data can significantly lower the potential for optimization and might even lead to disadvantages in vessel operation.

  • The procedures provide a wealth of opportunities to create a clean data base and to continuously improve quality.
  • The evaluation of indicators as an early warning system as well as the fulfillment of the required maintenance activities with regular reporting form the basis for further work. The comprehensive amount of data can be systematically examined and the overall quality of the data gets improved.
Fleet Data Quality

Data Inspector


For any kind of operational or performance recommendation to be of any value, the underlying operational and nautical data needs to be valid and absolutely exact. For example, if a speed log does not measure reliably, any further optimization is not possible because it would be based on unsound data. This is where the Data Inspector by Hoppe excels because it will not just collect data and send it ashore – the Data Inspector will analyze, verify and clean this data beforehand to enable superior recommendations that are based on facts and not on assumptions.

Unclean data can significantly lower the potential for optimization and might even lead to disadvantages in vessels operation.

  • The overall data quality gets improved by continuous data check
  • Data inspectors are experienced service technicians and marine engineers
  • Fast response – service attendance or remote service demand can be detected on short notice
  • Evaluation of primary signal as an early warning system
  • Downtime will be reduced to a minimum
Fleet Data Quality

Data Butler


Whether your ship‘s data is fed to the internal data warehouse, provided to a fleet management system or even exported as high-resolution data for specialized analysis, the Hoppe Data Butler provides the customer oriented and tailored solution that fit your needs. All data is fully encrypted in transport and at rest in the data-pool. Depending on the package, the Data Butler as well as the Data Inspector offers a quarterly deep validation of measuring devices, primary signals and the correlation matrix in the form of a generated summary. A standardized API documentation is automatically provided.

  • fully encrypted on ship-to-shore transfer
  • Standardized API documentation
  • Continuos or on-demand data access to high-resolution data
  • Flexible configuration of requested vessel data
  • Transparency
  • Data quality API available