Electronic Inclinometer

Electronic Inclinometer
Electronic Inclinometer

System Overview

In July 2019, the IMO decided to make the equipping of all newly built container ships and bulk carriers with electronic inclinometers (with performance standards in accordance with Resolution MSC.363(92)) mandatory.

Hoppe has excellent experiences with the in-house developed, MEMS-based motion measuring system HOSIM, which measures also roll motions / dynamic heeling angles and is well proven on many ships. For the IMO required function of an electronic inclinometer Hoppe provides a cost effective all-in-one device solution which even brings additional and helpful extended functions.

The Hoppe Electronic Inclinometer is intended to support the decision-making process on board in order to avoid dangerous situations as well as assist in and facilitate maritime casualty investigations by providing information about the roll period and the heel angle of the ship.

In a reliable form, the Hoppe Electronic Inclinometer:

  • determines the actual heel angle of the ship,
  • determines the roll amplitude of the ship,
  • determines the roll period of the ship and
  • presents all relevant information on a single display.

The Hoppe Electronic Inclinometer can be interfaced directly to the VDR (NMEA 0183 $--HRM) and provides additional interfaces to the Bridge Alarm Monitoring System and the Central Dimming System.

Approvals: DNV-GL, LR, BV, ABS and BSH

Standards: IMO MSC.363(92) Annex 23, IMO MSC.333(90) Annex 21, ISO 19697, IEC 60945, IEC 61162-1, IEC 62288

  • easy to install by anybody in every mounting position
  • fully integrated stand alone device (no external sensor or junction box is needed)
  • additional display of performance values
  • USB interface for direct data download
  • measurement accuracy of +-0,1% for roll and pitch angle
  • additional measurement of trim angle
  • IE with the best value for money ratio on the market