Dock Control

Dock Control
Dock Control

System Overview

The Hoppe Dock Control system is a scalable solution from manual dock operation (sinkage and lift) to automatic dock operation. The system combines all Hoppe system to fulfill the high technical demands.

  • Central Dock Control station
  • Pumps and Pump control
  • Deflection monitoring systems
  • Draught Measurement system
  • Tank Content Measurement system and sensors
  • Echo sounder
  • Loading computer
  • Hull stress monitoring
  • etc.

The heart of the system is the dock load moment control system (DLMC). The Dock Control algorithm is based on the determination of the loads and moments introduced during operations of a floating dock. The loading computer COLOS is used to determine the entire loading condition of the dock including ship-to-be-docked prior execution of the docking procedure. The ship-to-be-docked is defined and intact stability, longitudinal strength and current floating condition are calculated. During a simulation of the docking procedure COLOS estimates the required ballast operations and flows in each individual ballast tank in order to undertake the sub-/emergence operation at leveled floating condition without exceeding the operational limits, such as intact stability, trim, heel and deflection.