Crew Connect - MAIHAK

Crew Connect - MAIHAK
Crew Connect - MAIHAK

System Overview

Take a break from the machine deck. You can now use any internet capable device (smartphones, laptops or tablets) to access your ship’s data. Crew Connect – MAIHAK offers you live KPIs on your ship's shaft speed and torsion and lets you examine aggregated historical reports - which come in very handy for planning and maintenance purposes.

With Crew Connect – MAIHAK you'll enjoy constant access without having to show constant presence.

  • Visualization of live operational data and warning messages
  • Report generation with operational KPIs including nautical and machinery data
  • High resolution graphs for all primary signals
  • Add live values to customized containers
  • Usage of Hoppe calculation and analysis library
  • Automatic detection of operation mode (harbour/sea)
  • Fuel consumption matrix for different consumers and fuel grades
  • User and access management for individual configuration and thresholds
  • HOWEB functionalities with day- and night view and remote updates.