TRIMCON - Dynamic Trim and Conning Measurement

TRIMCON is a satellite-based measuring system for the realtime monitoring of a ship’s dynamic trim, heading and speed in longitudinal and athwart directions, using carrier phase measurements from two GPS-receivers located on the fore- and aft mast. The system assists the Nautical Officers with precise information on actual pitch angle and dynamic trim and monitors the ships’ fore and aft relative motion with high precision during manoeuvring (Conning). The significant advantage of TRIMCON is the continuous and precise determination of the dynamic trim in almost every sailing condition. The dynamic trim varies under sea conditions with the ship’s speed, bottom clearance and tank contents and needs to be corrected for fuel optimised ship’s operation.

Dynamic Trim

Dynamic trim predictions based on the static (harbour) trim are closer to “crystal ball” readings than to true trim measurements. The TRIMCON “bird view” measuring principle is the only true dynamic trim measurement in a possible range of 2 cm, independent from ship deformations caused by loading cases.


Ship Masters appreciate the TRIMCON advanced feature of conning information for safe navigation, berthing and port manoeuvring using thrusters and tug assistance.