Bunker Management

System Overview

Precise and comprehensive overview about bunker activities and fuel consumption has become an essential key factor of effi cient ship operation. Hoppe’s Bunker Management System is a sophisticated software solution for continuous monitoring and reporting of all bunker intakes, fuel transfer procedures and fuel consumptions. Hoppe’s digital tank content sensors are specialized for the precise bunker mass (mT) determination and recording. “Cappuccino effects” are excluded by the measuring principle. Total energy balance supervision is provided additionally, which is mainly based on data from Hoppe Tank Content, Maihak Shaft Power Meter and mass fl ow counters.

Key Features

  • Supervision of bunker mass (mT) intakes and consumptions
  • Elimination of “Cappuccino effects” during bunker intake
  • Overview of remaining bunker
  • Evaluation of energy balance
  • Indication of long term specifi c fuel consumptions